Navigating A Career Crisis – What You Need To Know

Nobody likes going through a challenging time at work. Maybe you wake up every morning with a knot in your stomach before you go to the office because you can’t deal with a bully boss or co-worker.

Perhaps you’re feeling adrift after an unexpected job loss or overwhelmed by an unreasonable workload that leaves you feeling exhausted and stressed.  

I’ve been there. And I’m here to tell you that it gets better. Navigating a career crisis is never fun, but with the right advice and techniques, you can movei through the murky waters of your career problems, and find your way to a bright new beginning.  Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Don’t Dwell Too Long On What You Could Have Done Differently

Dwelling on the past is tempting – It is easy to replay events that took place days, months, and years ago, but thinking too long about the past is counterproductive, in fact, it can be actively harmful by keeping you stuck in regret instead of moving towards the success you envision for yourself.  Remember the past can’t be changed - so try not to dwell on it. 

2. It’s Okay To Be Emotional

Here’s something that I really want you to understand. It’s okay to be sad, frustrated, and angry when you’re going through a career crisis. A career crisis is a time of great emotional upheaval, and keeping your emotions bottled up inside is unhealthy.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be upset, and it’s okay to need to vent your frustrations – and I recommend you do all of these things in a responsible way, if you feel you need to!

But here’s the important thing. Don’t mistake venting your emotion for action. Simply being sad or frustrated will not faciliate the change you need and want.  Learn what you can from your situation and use your hard earned wisdom to create a plan for what’s next.

3. Understand That This Is Not The End – Just A New Beginning

When you’re experiencing career pain, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Every day may be a struggle, and you may feel lost and confused. These emotions and struggles are real, but it’s important to understand that these struggles also offer you opportunities. For example, if you feel like you’re not in the right career, this is a perfect time to discover your strengths, dream about what’s possible, and prepare for a change.  You can take your frustrations and disappointments and turn them into the fuel you need to overcome this turbulent time in your life, and move on to bigger and better things.

4. Reach Out for Help When You Need It

Going through tough times at work without adequate support can lead you to take action that you might later regret.  A career coach or counselor can help you resist the desire to quit a job prematurely, display inappriate emotions in the workplace, or continue month after month in a state of fear and unrest.   You don’t have to go through a career crisis alone - I invite you to contact me today to schedule a complimentary information session to discuss your concerns and determine whether I am the right coach for you.